Partnership for Talent is an independently owned and operated consulting firm specializing in providing high impact strategic HR services to small and medium sized organizations.  Because of the background and experience of our principal and founder we are able to bring executive level HR support to organizations who might not ordinarily have it.  Let's face it, every organization could benefit from a partner to help think through things like organizational structure, succession planning, key training and leadership development activities, support for managers in conversations with employees, and employee processes to drive outcomes.  In many instances, small and medium sized organizations need this type of support for fewer hours a year than extremely large businesses, or on a more intermittent or project basis.  Oftentimes, small to medium sized organizations have outsourced much of their HR related work or have a single person who is great at managing the day to day, but could benefit from more strategic HR support provided in a different way than hiring a CHRO in-house.  This is where we come in.

Who Am I?

I am Susannah Robinson, I am the founder and principal of Partnership for Talent.  I am excited to bring my background in human resources, communications, investor relations, board interaction, and business management to bear in my own venture.  I look forward to working closely with you and your management team to catalyze change within your organization and support your leaders.   Please feel free to take a closer look at my background, and connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me directly.  I'd welcome the opportunity to see how we could partner together to move your organization forward.

Susannah Robinson

Founder & Principal

Our Approach

My Vision

I believe that every organization deserves a great HR partner.  Whether large or small, for profit or non-profit, organizations and employees benefit when a strong HR partner is supporting the management team.  Large organizations have CHROs to support them every day, small to medium sized organizations, who employ the majority of people in our country, often go without this needed support simply because they don't need the support on a daily basis and can't afford the steep price tag. I, for one, see myself as in a position to help change this.

Our Story

My Story

I never intended to be an HR professional.  In fact, I was educated as a chemist.  I learned early on that I enjoyed ensuring employees had the right tools to be successful at their work.  My focus on training employees on safety at chemical plants quickly turned into a career in human resources (with a detour or two along the way gathering skills in communications, investor relations, and board interactions).  I invite you to reach out to me and see how my passion for developing organizational and employee talent has led to significant successes in both the for-profit and non-profit spaces.

Our Partners

Deb Parsons

Deb Parsons

Deb Parsons is a driven HR Professional and a champion for improvement processes and organizational change management. She is skilled in Talent Management, Strategic HR Management, and is a strong project leader and HR Partner. Throughout her career, Deb has used her research and writing background to create appealing content and impress upon others that importance of Human Resources as a foundation for any successful business. Deb’s background in people and program management lends well to her ability to empathize and problem solve. Deb has worked with all levels of leadership and organizational talent. She brings a solid understanding of organizational design to Partnership for Talent.

Deb is a graduate of both the University of Minnesota, Duluth and St. Cloud State University. She earned her BA cum laude in History, as well as her MA in Public History. Deb has a SHRM-SCP certification and has contributed to a number of non-profit organizations as an engaged mission-driven employee. She is an active member of the Greater Merrimack Valley HR Association. Deb enjoys learning about advanced HRIS technology and implementing HR functions as part of a team.

Let's Get Started

Please reach out to have a conversation about the skills and experience I can bring to your organization.